10 peculiarities I learned about Icelandic culture

As a foreigner who had lived in Denmark for 2.5 years, I obliviously thought that Icelandic culture would be extremely similar (pardon my ignorance). As Iceland declared independence from Denmark merely 76 years ago, I was expecting there to be more resemblances between these 2 Nordic cultures, but failed to take into account the factContinue reading “10 peculiarities I learned about Icelandic culture”

‘Not goodbye, but see you later’ and other clichés

Today it has been 3 weeks since I left Iceland. I will never forget that morning – my friend Jose woke up at 4AM to accompany me to the bus station and seeing his sad face was such an unexpected hit, because I realised it was time to go. For good. As another dear friend,Continue reading “‘Not goodbye, but see you later’ and other clichés”

Camp: cancelled

This was a roller-coaster. First of all, I decided to stay in Iceland for 2 more weeks than initially planned to lead this camp – my last camp. It was supposed to be about re-vegetation in the SW of Iceland, in a town very close to Reykjavik. Two days before the camp’s start, we heardContinue reading “Camp: cancelled”

Camp: Between glaciers and lava

I honestly think this is the best work camp a volunteer could ask for. Location? Absolutely stunning, in a beautiful house with big windows overlooking lava fields, green and ‘rainbow’ hills and Europe’s second largest glacier, Langjökull. The house is normally used to host artists and private events. Rumour has it that Muse and RadioheadContinue reading “Camp: Between glaciers and lava”

Camp: the Highlands of Iceland

My third camp took us to the beautiful highlands of Iceland, in a secluded area called Kerlingarfjoll. On the way there, we looked with fascination at how the scenery changed. It was like driving through a desert made of rocks, but with glaciers around (Europe’s second biggest glacier, Langjökull, could be spotted from the road).Continue reading “Camp: the Highlands of Iceland”

European Solidarity Corps and how to get a piece of tha’

If you are between 18-30 years old and a EU citizen (or of one of the countries mentioned here), you have the opportunity to go as a ESC volunteer to one of the programme countries for up to 12 months. The nature of the work depends on the specific project you apply to, but itContinue reading “European Solidarity Corps and how to get a piece of tha’”

Camp: the island of Viðey

Every year SEEDS organises a workcamp on the island of Viðey, a beautiful place located 5 minutes (by ferry) from Reykjavik. Off-season, it is home only to birds and wildlife. Starting mid-May, ferries restart their summer schedule and tourists can come for a day trip to this incredible place – they’ll find the ‘Imagine Peace’Continue reading “Camp: the island of Viðey”

Our crew of volunteers – the good, the bad, the Corona

As I’m writing this, we are 10 volunteers in our ‘Mikla’ house. We share rooms of 2-4 people but spend most of the time together in our big living room. Living all together is like being in a frat house or in a perpetual holiday sometimes. It is not the easiest of things, but IContinue reading “Our crew of volunteers – the good, the bad, the Corona”

Our first camp

My first camp with SEEDS Iceland took place in the beginning of March 2020 and I honestly couldn’t have hoped for a more awesome experience. We were 6 camp leaders, as for 5 of us it was the first time organising a camp, so we were lucky to be able to share the tasks, whileContinue reading “Our first camp”

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